The Accidental history of under armour outlet australia

under armour outlet australia was founded in 1996, the founder of the former Maryland football star Kevin Plank. As a result of tired of the kind of movement on the cotton TEE sweat soaked feeling of pain, Kevin Plank invented a athlete in the strenuous exercise to keep the body fresh and light material prototype. Then he immediately persuaded two college soccer teams in the hot climate city to buy his equipment: Georgia Tech (in the hot and humid Atlanta) and Arizona State (in the Phoenix near the desert). Then the NFL team Atlanta Falcon also put on the brand of equipment. Since then, the number of teams to choose UA equipment is increasing, and this includes most of the NCAADivision 1-A football team. At the same time the company also for other sports design and manufacture of a lot of equipment

 under armour outlet australia
under armour outlet australia

under armour melbourne mainly produced in sportswear inside the tight underwear or shoulder pads, but in addition to UA also produced sweater, ordinary Tee, long pants and so on. Under Armor led the trend of producing tight, moisture-wicking materials for sports equipment. Subsequently, Nike (dri-fit pro series) and Reebok (NFL equipment series) will follow suit. In June 2006, Under Armor issued a “Click-Clack” as the slogan of the football plywood brand.

The headquartered of Under Armor’ is  in Baltimore. In 2003, the company began to do the “Warriors” as the theme of advertising, their slogan is “We must protect this house” (the slogan has been used so far). In 2004, under armour sydney  designed a uniform for the Maryland Water Turtle football team, and released the team coach Ralph Friedgen-based advertising.

On November 18, 2005, UA undertook an initial public offering. In the first day of trading, UA to create a history of the first high increase in the first day, the stock price from the opening of the $ 13 to double the closing of $ 26.