Under Armour Reveals the Formula for Choosing MVP Athletes

Under Armour AU has built one hell of a roster. The brand is currently endorsed by the reigning MVP in every major sport that matters in the U.S.—Bryce Harper in the MLB, Cam Newton in the NFL, Carey Price in the NHL, and Stephen Curry in the NBA. Not to mention, Under Armour is also endorsed by PGA Player of the Year Jordan Spieth.

“When you look at the entire roster of best athletes in the world, we have the more current MVPs than other brands that are quadruple our size,” said Adrienne Lofton, Under Armour’s Senior Vice President of Global Brand Marketing.

What’s the key to building Under Armour’s team of winners? Here, Lofton breaks down how the brand decides to bring in a new athlete.

“We have a sports marketing group that vets every athlete, every league, every team, every AAU team, and everything related to the sports we’re involved in under armour shoes online australia.

The meeting of those minds happen, where the head of the category and the head of sports marketing get together and really think about who the perfect person is. The sports marketing will come back with three or four options based on the brief. Then they choose by meeting athletes, spending a whole lot of time with their families, friends, and their coaches to get an understanding if it’s a DNA fit.”

The question isn’t how good you are. The question is does your DNA match our brand’s? Can we tell the same story? Can we be proud that you’re our microphone? When we spend time with those athletes, like Stephen, what you end up finding is the ones that should be part of our brand bubble to the top.

Not only are they part of our brand, they become part of our family. Stephen was that kind of gamble. When we signed Stephen, he wasn’t best in the world yet. He wasn’t the MVP yet. But he possessed the DNA of this brand—hard work, dedication. He was not going to quit until he reached his goals, which were to be the best. He’s very humble and extra hungry—that’s what we think about when we think about our brands and who we are as a brand under armour outlet store australia.

We need our own positioning and our own point of view to through the category. The athletes that you then add are delivering for that proposition. We can do a million campaigns in the marketplace for basketball. If we don’t have the face and personality that really mirrors what we’re trying to say, then you lose the stickiness in that category.”